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The coming of the Dreamworm has been foretold since ancient times. The earliest writings speak of a vast, black, snakelike creature that will one day appear out of the sky to consume the world and everything in it. According to the prophecy, when the Dreamworm's coming is imminent, it will begin to appear in our dreams.

The Summoning:

When the time of the Dreamworm is upon us, those who heed their dreams will gather together to honour the coming of the universe's largest living being. Calling themselves the Children of the Worm, they have existed in secret for millennia but once their numbers reach a critical mass they will begin to worship openly. They show their faith by making the Sign of the Worm, a mystical gesture believed to signal the Dreamworm and therefore quicken its approach. According to their doctrine, those who embrace the coming of the Wormtime will be transformed and given new life, but those who deny the Worm or give in to their fear will be consumed in the acidic fires of the beast's stomach.

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